Visiting Auckland - Part 3

Taking a ferry out to Waiheke island is a must do when visiting Auckland. We arrived at this beautiful island after a 40 minute boat trip across Auckland Harbour. Upon arrival we jumped straight into a taxi which took us on a very short tour of the island before dropping us at Mud Brick Winery where we enjoyed a long lunch amid beautiful surroundings.

I particularly loved the houses on Waiheke. There are some extremely beautiful new modern homes as well as some gorgeous renovated beach cottages which New Zealanders call Bachs.

This house above was my absolute favourite house which we spotted on Waiheke. It was very hard to get photos of it as it is surrounded by the most beautiful trees and gardens. Can you spot the outdoor fireplace? It overlooks the beach and bay. I absolutely loved this house!! What is it about simple white cottages with black and white stripe awnings?! They get me every time!!

This house and the one below were right down on the waterfront with a pretty, narrow laneway in front of them.

Waiheke's beautiful vegetation is certainly what makes this island so special. As you can see from the photos I have posted above there is no shortage of beautiful trees and gardens. I think this place is heaven on earth!