An Alternative

These tough economic times call for alternative, less expensive options when decorating our homes.

I usually like to have fresh flowers at home each week but I must admit I have been restrictng myself from buying fresh flowers in an attempt at being less extravagant and a little more budget conscious.

However, cutting back on beautiful fresh flowers from the florist doesn't mean we have to go without! It just requires a little more effort on our own behalf.

If you too love having fresh flowers/foliage in your home this is what I suggest.....

Image - Francios Hallard via Moo Management

Head out into your garden and see what you can find. I went out into my garden today and came back inside with some wonderful foliage from my Travellers Palm. It really is amazing what you can find and don't be too picky. Just grab a large bunch so that when you get it inside you can bulk it up in a vase/jug.

I thought this picture {top} would inspire you....I love the blue and white jars filled with lots of beautiful green fresh and so gorgeous and by the looks of it these arrangements have been created just by using fresh garden foliage!!

BTW - Courtney has offered another wonderful alternative to fresh flowers over at Style Court this week too.