Merry & Bright Oh & Happy Weekend!

I've had a lovely day today creating our Christmas windows and rearranging the shop for our Christmas look. I really love having the entire day free of appointments to spend in the shop pottering around and being creative. I am so happy with our Christmas look this year. It is very fresh and of course very colourful!! I've posted lots of pictures above for you all to see. We made the wreaths ourselves using fabric remnants, tuile and a few pretty ornaments. I'll try to take a few more night time shots of the windows next week to show you as the day time pics don't really show up very well. I am getting my sign writer to sign write "Merry & Bright" on each of the large front windows of the shop early next week as our Christmas slogan which I think is very fitting.

Hope you all have a great weekend and don't forget to look back on Sunday night to see this week's Absolutely Beautiful Christmas Competition entries!!