A Christmas Competition

Last weekend I received these two beautiful Christmas images from Jill, a reader in Illinois which made me start to think how nice it would be to see more of people's images of Christmas in their home and or town/city. Then I came up with the idea for an "Absolutely Beautiful" Christmas Competition as below;

The Absolutely Beautiful Christmas Competition

To enter, please email me anna@blackandspiro.com.au some pictures of Christmas in your home or home town/city with a brief description of what Christmas means to you. Depending on how many submissions I receive I will post each one in a once a week posting which will contain all of the submissions I have received that week. I will be asking readers to vote each week on which one they like best and then 4 days before Christmas I will post the finalists and then ask readers to again vote on the one which they feel should win the competition. I will announce the winner on Christmas Eve.

The winner will receive one of my custom made one off Black & Spiro Couture cushions. I will email the winner some of the cushions currently available and they will be able to select which one they want. The cushion will be posted out to the winner.

I can't wait to see what happens at Christmas in your town/home. Please don't be shy about sending in your submissions - I think we will all love seeing what other people around the world get up to at this beautiful time of year!!


Oh, and by the way I will be treating Jill's images above as my first submission. I will post her images again at the end of this week with the beautiful email she sent me.