Reflection & Revelations

I was cleaning out some files in my computer the other day when I stumbled across these old pictures of Black & Spiro. I must say it's interesting looking back at your own work. I'm almost embarrassed to show these images. As I looked through the photographs I started to think about my style and how it has evolved so much in the last couple of years. I can see in these pictures that I have never been afraid of bold colour and bold pattern but I think I may have been a little cautious with what I mixed together which I feel resulted in a safe and almost uninteresting look. Nowdays I find myself mixing so many different styles together to create my own personal look and I finally feel as though I know what I love and I know my direction. This is something that has taken me 13 years of experience to find and now on the eve of my 30th Birthday I can say to the world I feel that my designs have matured and I also feel that I am completely confident in my design choices and I am also completely in love with my design career - here's to the next 10 years which I hope will be filled to the brim with exciting opportunities and lots of passionate design!!!!