More Progress @ Home

My bedroom chair (which I orginally bought at a junk shop for $15.00) is covered in my favourite Manuel Canovas fabric. We had some stock of the fabric at the shop so I decided to use it for my bedroom chair.

I love to collect old crystal and silver perfume bottles and jars. I display them on my dressing table as above.

I bought the Bally print on Ebay for $20.00 (+ framing).

I LOVE cushions as you can see above - a collection of some of my favourite fabrics on my bed.

Here's my (very cheap) Ebay chair above which I adore. I haven't even recovered it. It is exactly how it arrived from the ebay seller - what a bargain!!

I've made lots more progress at home this week and I think I'm all organised for the photo shoot which is hapenning this Wednesday. I'll be so happy once it is all over as getting ready for something like this can be very stressful considering I am such a perfectionist and especially given the small time frame I've had to work with. However, don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, it is an absolute honour that they want to come to photograph my home and my shop so I think all the effort will be worth it in the end!! I would like to add a note that decorating a room can be done on a budget. As you will see above, I have sourced things on Ebay and junk shops and then just used some very special fabrics as a feature in the room. It's not always about spending a fortune, it's about having an eye to find and source great things at a cheaper price. I certainly had to be on a very tight budget with my decorating at home for this upcoming photo shoot!!