Emily's Bedroom Completed...

We had a special Fifi Lapin drawn in a Sommerville House school uniform which we hung on the wall at the entrance to the bedroom. (Emily attends Sommerville House all girls school in Brisbane).

We purchased a collection of beautiful hand made and Australian made Melly & Me kitties from Etsy which we have placed on top of the bed head.

The wallpaper feature wall creates a beautiful cozy ambience and was the starting point for the design.

The image above was the scheme I put together for Emily's bedroom earlier this year which I posted 2nd February.

This is Emily's bedroom which I have just completed. I posted about this room earlier this year (post dated 2nd February, 2007) when it was in planning stage. It has turned out very well and the best thing of all is that 5 year old Emily is very happy with the finished room...phew, thank goodness for that!!