A Tribute

My Mum & Dad - A tearful good bye to Casa Billa

View of Home Beach from the deck

Inside Casa Billa

Tomorrow my mum and dad will hand over the keys of our family beach house at Stradbroke Island to it's new owners. It will be a very sad day for my family. 18 Years ago my parents purchased a block of land on Stradbroke Island which, at that time, was a very strange thing to do. All of their friends thought they were mad - why would they want to build a house all the way over there? It is so remote and you have to catch a boat to get there - not at all convenient. However, this was to be my mother's dream home and the place where we, as a family of 5 would go every weekend. My parents both worked very hard running their own business so this would be their special place to be with their family. I have so many fond memories of the times we spent there.

Last night my parents hosted a party at the house for all of their friends as a farewell and a celebration of these wonderful times. It was a fantastic night but also very emotional. It's funny all of my mum and dad's friends that were there last night, the ones who thought they were mad buying over there, now all own properties at Straddie too. I'm just so proud of my pioneering parents!!

As my husband, my son, my brothers and their partners and I left the house today we left our mum and dad there with tears in their eyes. We had some last family photographs taken inside the house and then it was over. Our 18 year relationship with that house was finished.

But, all is not lost because 4 years ago mum and dad purchased another property on the Island which is a very beautiful place and this is now where we all go to be together as grown ups with our families and friends.

Thank you Mum & Dad for all the wonderful times we spent together as a family at Casa Billa. I don't think I really appreciated how hard you both worked to enable us to have that special haven but I do realise now and I just hope that my son loves every moment of the time he spends at the house that my husband & I have purchased at Straddie as we too have to work very hard to be able to afford our special piece of paradise.

Goodbye Casa Billa. I will always remember the wonderful times we had together. My wish for you is that your new family will love you like we did and please give them as much enjoyment as you gave us.