David Bromley

David Bromley paintings above from Tim Olsen Gallery

My David Bromley painting above "Poh" which I purchased from Jan Murphy Gallery in Brisbane

Today my design assistant Avril posted on her blog, Jane d'Avril about Australian artist David Bromley who is without a doubt my most favourite artist in the world. I have 4 of David's paintings myself and I would love more. The reason for all the discussion at Black & Spiro today about David Bromley is because Sally who is my dear friend and also my office manager at Black & Spiro is about to purchase one of David's beautiful paintings. She has been looking at them for over a year now and we think she has found "The one". I think she'll be doing a lot of nice talking to her husband tonight!! Good luck Sal - I really hope you get it. If you want to see more of David's beautiful pieces go and have a look at Avril's site and also some of the gallery sites I have listed above.