Well, Pink has tagged me...damn her!! But, imagine if I wasn't tagged then I think I would be very upset!! So I suppose I have to say, thanks Pink for tagging me!! I think you all know what I have to do, but for those of you who don't here it is; I have to list 6 weird things about me and then tag 3 more people. So here it is - My Weird List:

1 - I wear tracksuit pants to bed all year including Summer - I love them, they are just so comfy!!

2 - When I fly on a plane I take my own blanket, my own pillow and my slippers too!!

3 - I stress so much about having body odour I carry a bottle of perfume and a bottle of deoderant with me at all times - I hate smelly people!! There is no excuse.

4 - I hate sand in my bed - whenever we go to Straddie (where we have a beach house) I make sure that my husband cleans his feet before he gets into bed.

5 - I love cheese and pineapple sandwiches.

6 - I love going to junk shops.

Well that's it. Gee it was hard to think of 6 things. I now tag only 2 people because all the other people I wanted to tag are already tagged so I am tagging Preppy Princess and Sylvie at SoSylvie. Sorry guys!!! And if either or both of you have already been tagged too well that's it, I'm not tagging anyone else.
Junkshop Lampshade photo courtesy of www.flickr.com