Wonderful White

White, how wonderful it is!
The first house my husband and I bought (approximately 7 years ago) was an old Queenslander with huge wrap around verandahs and big trees all the way around it. Of course when we bought it, it needed alot of work as most Queenslanders do. We painted the entire house white including the original timber floors to everyone's horror. It looked amazing and not disimilar to the pictures above which I found in Domino Magazine and Elle Decor. Since painting my floor boards 7 years ago I have talked so many clients into doing the same thing and they all thought I was completely mad to begin with and then once they did it they were so thrilled. It certainly lightens up a dark space and breathes a whole new life into old houses.
I suggest a road paint or pavement paint for this application. Talk to your painter or hardware store about it or if you want to ask me any questions just ask me in the comments section below and I will answer back into this section.
Back soon.....