Summer Holiday Display at Black & Spiro

Well what a week it has been. Lots of house installations and lots and lots of work. I think my staff and my contractors are absolutely exhausted and me, well what can I say I am just so very tired and in need of some major r&r. Thank you all of you for all your hard work this year and in particular over the last few, very hectic weeks. You are all very special to me and you all help me make Black & Spiro what it is. Thank you!!
We finally finished up today for the holidays. Black & Spiro will be closed for 3 weeks....hooray!! Before we left I did a new summer display in the shop which I thought you might all like to see. The beautiful stripe fabric above which I have upholstered 2 old prayer chairs in is a Kenzo and the beach umbrella fabric I have hung on display in the front window is a special new release available from Cody & Clark. The shop looks fresh, bright and summery with still a few touches of yellow, the addition of some red and of course my favourite white. I hope you all like it.