New Toys at Hop Skip Jump

I just got my email tonight from Fiona Dalton letting everyone know that she has some new toys ready. I love Clara above. I have just sent an email to Fiona asking if she is still available as the other 2 toys of the 3 posted have already sold. I hope I get her!!! If you want to be notified when Fiona has her new toys ready subscribe to her blog and you will be one of the lucky people she notifies when she has new toys ready for sale. Remember if you want one you have to be very quick. Oh, I just got an email from her. Damn it, it looks like someone just beat me to her. I'll keep you all posted. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Back soon....

I just heard back from Fiona and lucky Clara is off to Paris, oh well. Wow, isn't that great that Fiona is sending her gorgeous toys all over the world. I can't wait for my next special Hop Skip Jump email.